Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project update

  • There have been incredible financial donations that covered the large amount owed for the electric bill and mortgage.
  • A wonderful woman has stepped up to the plate to mentor Ashley. This is a huge answer to prayer because we know the recovery of this family is dependant upon moving forward and learning to survive on their own.
  • A wonderful neighbor has stepped in to help with the clean up and plan for the remodeling of the house and plumbing. He is pulling from all his resources and has found people to donate new cabinets and appliances for the kitchen plus a ton more.
  • There is an incredible woman who is a "do-it-all" helping with the interior painting and cleaning of the house and getting the rooms fixed up. She has been working non-stop over at their house.
  • There is an incredibly talented guy whose company is concrete options that is fixing all the floors throughout the house.
  • There have been incredible donations from food to clothing that keep coming in.
  • Our church's college ministry came in last week to clean up a tree that had fallen in the backyard and cleaned up the backyard.
  • There is so much more that you all have done and I apologize if I left any of it out.

Thank you to everyone who has given. Your donations are so appreciated and you will never know how your generosity touched a family in their greatest time of need. We couldn't have even started this project without you!

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